My First (and possibly) last trip, very intense

October 28, 2015

It was the winter a few years ago and I had been an avid supporter of marijuana and a regular user. I was at a friends house and he mentioned to me that he had some salvia and asked me if I wanted to try. He explained what it was and a previous trip he had had. Though, being as naive and uneducated about the psychedelic experience I immediately said yes.

His house had a living room with a high ceiling and a few large windows. We dimmed the lights and I put in a burnt Ravi Shankar CD I had made for a night of smoking. My friend packed the bowl pretty well. I’m not sure as to what the strength was or anything like that which maybe I should have.

I took a mighty hit and held it for about 20-30 seconds. I began laughing uncontrollably, and I proceeded to put the bowl and lighter down. I’m not sure but I vaguely remember picking up my acoustic and strummed once or twice and then put it down. A few more seconds pass and I look to my left, the side of the couch my friend was on. He was wearing a hoodie and a hat so the only parts of skin revealed were his face and hands. All of a sudden, everything except his skin began to move in a wavy almost liquid motion to the bottom left of my vision. I looked forward and the trip was becoming almost more real than reality itself. I was moving around so that I would stop becoming the couch but every effort I made to separate was futile. I had this sensation of feeling the air around me as though it were a magma of sorts. I felt this motion or force from the middle of my spine go over my head and into my stomach; the top half of my body was twisting to the right and my lower half was twisting to the left. All of this compelled me to get up. His living room had black carpet which, when walked on, was like a black sand from Egypt, mind you I was listening to Ravi which put me in Egypt(though he is Indian, I still don’t understand the connection). As I walked slowly, lifting my feet up for fear of sinking. I walked over to one of the windows which was right next to the stereo, and looked into what I can only explain as a reflection of a reflection of myself in a tube-like fashion; This was very surreal and freaked me out. I began to make my way back to the couch, at which point I stopped and looked at my hands, which seemed to me to be what you did when you were tripping. I was seeing the world as though I were wearing contacts with course stone zigzags with googly eyes, Mickey mouse glove hands what looked like those big red wax lips on them. They were in my focus and blurred everything behind them and took the color of whatever was behind them. Sitar(the instrument Ravi plays) is a droning instrument and has a constant buzzing going on, this I perceived as the stone zigzags humming to me. Also the music when I heard it, I thought of every different sound as a line for some reason unknown to me. I moved back to the couch quickly because I was majorly freaked out. I turned to my friend who was still on the couch, asked him to turn of the stereo(though I was just next to it), he responded with, “I can’t”. This was it for me and I began to question the lines of reality and the “other world” I put my hands over my eyes and was fighting the trip I moved my hand away from my face and things began to become normal again. Eventually the music was off and things were normalish, but everything had a whitish glow and I was staring at this hanging plant which was being moved by a heater, but I only saw the hanging parts go from one peak of a swing to the next, this I enjoyed and to which I said,”This is what Peter Frampton felt like.”(I don’t get it either). After that the night went on and me and My Friend toked some more.
I acted foolishly by just diving head first into something I had no knowledge of what-so-ever. This substance could be used for great spiritual or philosophical progression and should be used as such. If I had known what I was getting into I might not have taken it or used it for a meditative and progressive experience.

by Fin