October 28, 2015

I didn’t think anything was happening, so I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t move. I didn’t notice at first, but the reason I couldn’t get up was because suddenly a surface formed through my body, as if I was halfway sunk into the floor, laying on my side. The floor was tilted at what was about a 10 degree angle, tiled with groups of neon octagons (some going through my body), but only in some spots, the rest of the floor was transparent but I was still trapped in it. Everything else around me was dotted by what looked like very distinct drops of gasoline on concrete (you know the swirls of red and blue?), but with enhanced color. To say the least, it was absolutely beautiful, kind of like that scene in Avatar when they are in the forest at night, and immediately Avatar came to my mind. I forced myself out of the floor to sit up straight and felt the pain as I dislodged my face from the floor. Even though it was THROUGH me, I was able to pull it off. I felt it as though I somehow tore myself out of some shell I had been locked it, as if you were to snap off the top of a tuperware container, and it was a great and painful struggle (like trying to climb up a cliff after your arms are so tired that you no longer have the strength to do so).

I “stepped forward” to mount my banshee (the dragon creatures in Avatar) and fly away, but I realized I was in my friend’s car. I saw him and realized I was absolutely tripping out, so I started laughing hysterically. Suddenly I noticed that I was still hallucinating (gasoline dots were fucking everywhere, but the floor was gone), and fought incredibly hard to stay in control. At one point I could have sworn blood was flowing out of my hand, but it wasn’t, so I laughed even more. I guess I was punching things, being somewhat forceful but in an INCREDIBLY good mood. From there I continued to fight it as the effects slowly faded away, but I still felt the pain on my face from where I removed myself from the floor for a few minutes after, and the pain made me happy, so I laughed.

I still felt a little weird for about 20 minutes, but the entire trip was no more than 5 I’m sure. Amazing to say the least. I can’t believe there are substances out there that can make me see the kinds of things I saw. Incredible.

by John