Everything is a big joke

October 28, 2015

My brother, my cousin, and I had bought a bag of 20x Salvia. We went home to our room and we each took a hit, and all of them were fails producing no effects. I thought a change of setting would probably produce a trip a second time around for me, so we went to my brother’s car and parked far behind the church next door in their parking lot. My brother had packed a lot of salvia into the bowl and I took a fat hit from it. The first thing I noticed was that the dashboard started glowing.
Immediately as I noticed it, I felt like I was being pulled back into my seat and that I started to melt to my seat. Then for a second I felt that I had become the seat I was sitting in. My cousin, wanting to I guess as he said “enhance my trip”, had reclined my seat all the way back. Afterwords, I felt like I was free from the seat, but then a loud, powerful, and uncontrollable laughter had taken over me. I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard in years, if I have ever laugh that hard. I was literally crying and stomping the dashboard, my laughter was that intense. I had tried to talk but for some reason, I could stop the laughter for the life of me. My words just came out really loud and weird sounding when ever I tried to speak, sometimes my words were even drawn out and exaggerated. Soon after my laughter had lost it’s intensity and I was no longer a laughing maniac, I was just really giggly. I then, came to the conclusion that I wasn’t in full control of my body. It felt like some sort of entity had possessed my body. I could still speak, and I and full control of my brain and I was completely aware what was going on, but I had little, or no control over my body. My body kept making weird sounds, weird faces, and was just acting weird. I remember thinking about how weird and unusual I was acting. Then, I looked into my rear view mirror and noticed the small little garage that was behind us. Still giggling, I got out of the car and walked over to it. For some reason I, or the entity, found it pretty amusing and laughed at it a bit while examining and touching it. Afterwords, I walked back into the car, and felt like I was gaining more control over myself. As a result, we drove back to our apartments. Thankfully I had enough control over myself because I had the strongest urge to jump out of the car while it was moving. We we parked I started to come down a little more, still giggling here and there, and still not talking right. I sat there thinking, try to realize what had just happened and what I had just experienced. It wasn’t until we got back into the apartment that I finally realized what it was that I experienced. I believe that my body was sort of possessed by a being of a higher conscientiousness. That being found this reality extremely hilarious. I guess it had decided to have fun with it too, which is why it was acting so weird. At the time, I thought of it’s actions weird and unusual, but looking back on it now, I find them beautiful. It did what ever it wanted with out the worry, or fear of being judged and criticized. It was like that the thought of being judged was so minuscule and unimportant to this entity that it doesn’t even exist. I seriously envy this entity, it was pure, goofy, and just… amazing. I know it doesn’t envy me because it found the reality I’m currently living in and taking very seriously one big joke.

by Justin