Life Ripped Away

October 28, 2015

So, i am one of those stoner kids right? that gets up smokes, goes to school, smokes, goes home, smokes, does stuff, smokes, goes home, shower, eat and sleep.
it’s just what i do. So this day was like any other day except i was gunna try something new. i snuck out to chill with my two best friends. we ended up at another friends house. a fight started, we left. when we came back there was Salvia.

My friend and i were just going to stay and watch. we were already baked and we werent about to ask if we can have some. that’s rude. so we were watchin. then my friend passes me the bong and says “Hit it.” i do. nothing. i didn’t feel a thing. so i hit it a few more times. i just started gettin really sweaty and started taking my clothes off.

So we load another bowl into my pipe, i smoke it. Nothing. my best friend is going on about how i am the biggest stoner and blah blah blah. Then another. now this is 40X. shouldn’t it be doing something? then i took one last hit while complaining how all of the other guys were pansy and can’t take smoking and that i was a pro. then bam i couldn’t talk and i couldn’t move.

It looked like i was in this game that was like spinning and uniformly changing as it like ripped my life away. like my whole life was this game that kept changing. i would get on a path and it would be gone. because everything was constantly morphing together in this uniform way. but like i could feel it change like it was a skin tearing feeling.

So all a sudden i felt like i was running, but i was being carried away from the house cause i was gettin too loud. and my best friend is there pulling me and i thought he was trying to pull me from my life so i like hit him really hard and punched him. so he held me tight. and when i was comin down everything was like rippling into place. and i was holding my best friend and crying.
and then i got on the ground somehow yellling for him to go get my brother, but then making him hold me cause i didnt want him to leave me. i was so scared.

it was horrible needless to say.
and after all i wanted to do was hug everyone to know that they were back in place
cause it felt like i was trapped in my trip.

by Kayla