First Time 30x

October 28, 2015

So yesterday I tried Salvia for the first time (30x). I didn’t know what it was.. I was under the impression that it was marijuana and they offered me the first hit, so I inhaled and my friend told me to hold it in for a little longer so I did. Right after I exhaled I started to feel really heavy and I started to walk but I felt so heavy that I sat down in the grass. As soon as I sat down I started to trip out. It was like my friends had pulled a huge prank on the exact same thing happened to everyone who did salvia. I stared at the side of my friend’s house and it looked like a wall had been opened and on the other side was a completely different place. It looked like I was the one millionth customer people were jumping out telling me that I was the one millionth customer..only instead they were trying to convince me of how messed up I was. They were talking to me and trying to tell me how fucked up I was and I felt so stupid because they told me that it was a joke they played on everyone but at the same time it was like they were throwing me a party. I also have a faint memory of Kathy Griffin being around somewhere also telling me how messed up I was. I kept asking these people questions like “Are you serious?” and “Is this really happening?” and it just faded away and I looked over to my friends and starting laughing like a crazy person.

My friends that were with me told me what I did while all of this was happening. They told me after I sat down I hopped to the side of his house and stared at it and laughed continuously and that I asked them if they were serious and if it was really happening. Pretty much I just laughed the entire time. It was awesome.

by Brianna