Left behind by the wheel of life

October 28, 2015

Last night my friends and I did some 30x salvia under the grape vines.
This is the best I can describe it.

I smoked it out of my bong, but without any water in it.

I held it in for about 20-30 seconds until my vision started to spin (as per usual)

I felt the world spinning around me. The music(maiden) made the trip more intense. I felt every moment. As if life went on in these increments… I suddenly felt a tear in this smooth timeline, like I had fallen through into a different dimension where the used up increments were stored. Like life was this wheel of moments floating along and had sudenly fallen out of it.

I looked over at my friends and at other things… I honestly thought nothing was real. Like I was going to be trapped in this dimension for ever.

I thought “this is it.. I am in the dimension of used time”

Never the less I can honestly say this scared me and I finally after ten minutes came down from what had happened… I had a very hard time after the trip seperateing reality and this other phony dimension.

I had past memories that I had forgotten released that, after smokeing dope for three years, I had thought I had lost.

But I must say I feel changed… Like spiritually. I may not do that much salvia again if any. I don’t think I am happy with the fact that my brain took me out of reality… Let this wheel keep rolling.

by Wes