On a gondola

October 28, 2015

I felt like I was on a gondola coming out of a tunnel but as we were coming out I was being pushed back into the tunnel. Cause I was laughing I felt like I was jerking and thought about a roller coaster i guess being pulled up a incline; the click click click of the chain. Now the gondola felt like a roller coaster in that sense.

In an actual tunnel you can see the light at the other end. The light was not coming through the tunnel, the light was the tunnel. It was kind like the walls of the tunnel were the screen of a theater and every thing i was seeing was being projected on the wall while being warped around to the other side at the same time. The stuff coming through the tunnel was a DARK NOTHING and that NOTHING was holding me back and pushing me back; That actually sounds like it is supposed to mean something “Nothing holding me back” lol. All the light my eyes were seeing was being warped around the Dark Nothing forming the tunnel.

I felt the drool coming down the right side of my face, at the time it also felt like some of the stuff holding me in the tunnel. I wanted to come out of the tunnel but couldn’t because this nothing was holding there trapped in the moment. I did not feel scared though. It was like a nice tight hug. The feeling could be compared to a butterfly trying to come out of its cocoon; not visually just physically.

I knew the Gondola ride was almost over when the warped light forming the Gondola tunnel started to form reality. Though while in between the reality coming back and first stepping on the Gondola I knew I had taken a toke and that I was coming back but was being held back and kept getting pulled back over and over again. Each time I got pulled back I would forget I was tripping. Each time reality would start to set in it would last longer and longer; until I was able to stand. Once i stood i no longer tripped but still laughed.

I was laughing the whole time.

The warping tunnel actually seemed to warp in a sideways figure 8 pattern. The Gondolier was putting his stick in the light to wrap it on around the pattern. I did not actually see him but could feel him.

by Joshua