All my past memories renewed in my minds eye

October 28, 2015

Alright, so I am not a big drug user at all, i do smoke pot every now and then but only occasionally.

I went to my friends house ( I have known this person for a long time, and is basically the only person i smoke with) and he was very impressed with the new bong he had purchased the same day, i had to admit it was pretty nice haha (besides the point) anyways that was not entirely the reason he was excited. He then pulled a small disk out of his pocket and smiled “wanna have the best dream of your life?” He then explained to me what is was all about, how it was legal, not addictive, not harmful etc etc.. the only reason why i even did it was because i knew him well and he said he had don’t it before, and he was still here so what the hell, why not.

So because he lives in a basement suite we had to smoke in the bathroom where there is a vent so not to let the neighbours know what we are upto. All we had to do was take a whole 5 steps from the bathroom to the couch. I tried a small amount, just to see how i would react to it. All went well, got back to the couch, we were both laughing our heads off, great, this stuff is not too bad at all! well. so i thought..

About an hour later, we both had a joint in the bathroom, then my friend went to grab the slav. This time i went to take a much larger dose. well. bad idea. i got about 4 steps to the couch, within reaching distance, and everything stopped. I couldn’t move, i couldn’t see anything around me, i think i was looking at my friend, because all i could “see” in my minds eye i think? was his wide open mouth, with no sound, almost as if it was about to laugh, but it was repeating, like a broken record, but slowly playing still progressively starting to laugh. I was actually very scared, i thought it would just keep repeating forever. I think i was also scared because i still had… some grip on reality, and i knew i didn’t make it to the couch, and i knew i was still… somehow standing up, I thought that i would most surly fall and hurt myself. It took almost all my effort to somehow manage to sit on the floor. The whole time everything was spinning and repeating, but very, very slowly. before i sat down, i remember trying to grab my coke can, i don’t know why i was reaching for it, but i did, i think i just poked it.. or something… cause i knocked it over. I did not, definitely not, laugh the entire time. I did eventually get the co-ordination back in reality to get the layout of the room, get up, and stumble to the couch and fall asleep. somehow (i vaguely remember this) but while i was high i grabbed my phone and responded to someone. I read it, and it was perfect, had capital letters, spelled correctly, with punctuation, everything. and it made perfect sense! huh..

Well i don’t know if i will ever do it again, maybe start small and go up to bigger doses later…

by Shawn