Salvia Trip

October 28, 2015

Some friends and I were at my house and I took a huge hit of 60x of salvia out of a bong. I held it for a good 30 seconds. The last thing I remeber seeing is one of my friends laughing hysterically, which made me laugh just as hard as he was. I hit the floor of my kitchen and everything went black.

I was going down what seemed to be a water slide in pitch black, but there seemed to be windows on either side of me, showing different parts of my house with my friends inside them. It seemed like I was on this ‘slide’ for hours and I couldn’t get out and I was fearing for my life.

I came to, but not fully, leaning up against cabinets in my kitchen. I saw my friends sitting at my kitchen table. They looked fuzzy and I tried calling out to them, but couldn’t talk. I stood up and made my way to my couch and was incredibly hot. I couldn’t get comfortble and I was freaking out because I wanted it to stop. I finally came down and had a good laugh about it with my friends.

by James