First Salvia trip 10x

October 28, 2015

So I decided tonight as a spur of the moment kind of thing to try salvia with a buddy tonight. We bought it and came back and I took one small pinch of a hit and all it did was make me super giggly. I decided I needed a bigger hit so I put about .2g in the bowl and hit it twice as big as I could.

As soon as I stopped inhaling my second hit my reality changed dramatically. My friend who had been counting the 30 seconds for me became malevolent and I was quite scared of him. He begin asking me for the piece of which I perceived as him trying to take it to harm me. Eventually I gave the piece to him because I felt as though I didn’t have enough “willpower” to resist. (I am quite sure this came from the fact I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 lately and different dialog options open based on stats like that.) I then felt that my friend was forcing me to leave as I was a prisoner of some sort. I got up and things felt really odd.

My perception of myself became not of coming through my eyes but as if I were being projected upon a 2d screen and someone were playing me as if I were a game such as Super Mario. It felt almost as if I were “swimming” up and down a screen. It was at this point that I started to freak out a bit and I asked my friend if it were real. He wasn’t giving me a direct answer and therefore I came up with the idea that he was trying to trick me as he was evil and I was in an alternate reality.

I at this point that my perception shifted from being a 2d representation of myself to myself playing a video game of myself. It was as if I had a video game completely made about my life and I became myself much like people became John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich. This idea soon shifted to the idea that my entire building and all the people in it were a piece of Pac-Man. The area that we were on Pac-Man was just above the crack of the back of his mouth and to the right a little. It was absolutely insane because I still had a part of “me” that fought against this.Then I went to my bed to lie down.

I got to my bed and laid down and started staring at a crevice in my wall. Soon I realized I was this crevice only to remember I was on salvia and snap out of it. I began rubbing my face in my pillow and after a few seconds(I believe so anyways) I realized I had become the fabric and I was feeling my body’s face as a piece of fabric. Very shortly after it felt as if my normal consciousness was slowing pushing itself back into my head. I sat up and realized I was back in my body in “normal” reality again except instead of matter everywhere I perceived myself and everything only as energy. We were all the same thing. My friend was recording this and I saw myself on my computer screen and it felt as if the me on the screen and the real “me” were both perceiving each other as someone on a screen. A recording. Then I just snapped out of it.

by Variann