My experiences on salvia

October 28, 2015

End of the Universe, The Rebirth, The Death

(Late Autumn 2009)

I had heard of Salvia Divinorum from report of legal highs over the news by disgruntled parents and egotistical politicians who wanted it banned, and I decided to conduct my own research as what I heard intrigued me. I felt like I had finally found the herb I was looking for, something to truly give a spiritual experience like never before. Hearing story of shamans using this magical herb to traverse realities and dimensions in order to speak with their ancestors and the spirits made me incredibly excited but also somewhat nervous.

I ended up buying Salvia 20x Extract online, and my mate Joe came round agreeing he would be my sitter. Joe made a homemade bong and we sat outside on a bench in the garden, it was pretty cold, and I was still feeling nervous with anticipation about what to expect. I took a massive bong hit, and started looking around for a while but concluded that nothing was happening. I repeated and took another hit, still nothing. So as I put the bong up towards my lips and the instant I inhaled the third hit I was gone.

I lost all my memories, and I couldn’t do anything. I felt as though I had travelled through the Infinite of possibilities and variables of all things to the end of time and back. That I had to now come back to my present, but my memory had to be erased in order to facilitate stability and be born again anew. I was reborn again inside a weird futuristic birthing facility; in some sort of pod similar to what appeared in the Matrix when Neo takes the pill and he wakes up.

Then I felt like I was returning closer to reality, I looked around and began trying to decipher what was going on. Though I couldn’t really recognise anything nor understand my friend. Though over time I thought I heard him saying ‘Arghh gary you dropped the bong, arrrgggh’ over and over again, but when I asked afterwards he said that hadn’t happened.

Then I looked up and thought I saw Joe’s little brother looking out the bathroom window at me. I thought oh shit, I hope he doesn’t tell anyone what we’re doing. And then I saw his mum walk up the path, she started shouting at me, telling me I was going to die and that she had called an ambulance to take me away.

For a moment I believed this was all really happening.

Then I slowly but surely came back. A scary experience, but I wasn’t apprehensive to the idea of having more. In fact the week after we tried it twice more, although this time I put Salvia into a Roll up. We sat in Joe’s car and began taking massive tokes, passing it to one another, holding it in for 20 secs and then exhaling. It took a little longer then with the bong, but we got their eventually.

Nothing particularly interesting happened to me other then the same memory loss effect, disorientation and I kept seeing female silhouettes wherever I looked, especially around my fingers. My friend freaked out about his hoodie and then he thought we where on some kind of roller-coaster ride or something, and the other people waiting to ride where growing impatient to fact we were just sitting there.

Welcome to the Cartoon World

(27th November 2010)

A year has passed and I’ve decided to try some more this time 40x Extract.

I took Salvia Divinorum 40x Extract for the first time, It was the first out in a series of more crazy experiences of my life. I was sitting on the sofa in my lounge smoking a bowel to myself. I felt the onset of effects, placed my pipe on the coffee table, and heard a female voice telling me to sit back on the sofa. It sounded like it was coming through a radio transmission behind my head.

I began to lean back and then wondered whether to trust the voice or not. I sat up not feeling truly comfortable, I looked at my pipe and realised I had just smoked some Salvia. I moved forward to grab my pipe and the voice told me to ignore the pipe and just lie back and enjoy. So I started to lie across the sofa, which then turned into a foetal position on the sofa.

I then became a 2 Dimensional Cartoon, I was lying still in a foetal position but I was on the steps of someone house. The door on the left of the cartoon opened and a women poked her head out of the door and said ‘What’s going here then?’ and from the right of the cartoon screen a man poked his head over and said ‘Oh he has just taken some salvia’, I think the women then went ‘oh ok then’. ‘Are you ok?’ I tried to speak to them and my voice sounded Texan or Mexican I couldn’t tell.

I said ‘I was going to leave now’. At this point I was freaked out; I proclaimed out loud ‘no way, I’m freaked out now’. I was slightly disoriented and confused about which reality I was exactly in. I stood up and tried to leave the room, but as I got the door I heard voices coming from behind me. I turned around and there on the floor where two rugs with cartoonish faces looking up at me (similar to what I saw with my eyes closed).

Absolutely stunned I said ‘Oh my god! How long have you been there? I cannot believe you’ve literally been under my feet this whole time!’

They just looked at me blankly, as if I just made some kind of massive spiritual fopar. I turned around and left the lounge for my office and there where more on my carpet, under my window cill, and on my table. I sat down on my desk and by this point I felt like the 2 Dimensional cartoon world had completely overlapped this world. They spirits where just talking away about me as if I was trying to coordinate myself around the wrong reality. I tried to ignore what was going on and tried to use my PC.

I began to feel slight panic setting in; I took off my beanie hat and placed my head in my hands. At which point the ‘Spirit’ underneath my window cill ask me if I was feeling alright. I replied I’m fine. Then I started to say ‘I’m just tripping, I’m just tripping’

I felt I needed to get away and decided to lie down on my bed. I got up and I saw a spirit on my front door, all I could think was they’re everywhere, and as I was walking up the stairs the whole of my bottom vision was covered with these cartoon people just looking at me.

Once I got to my bed, I decided to lie down. Eventually it passed and I was fine again. I concluded I had ventured towards the edge of the spirit world and it was the most bizarre experience of my life, but I wanted to try it again.

The Aztecs Shamans, Déjà vu?

(27th November 2010)

Not long afterwards I told my mate Lard on Skype about my weird experience and he thought it sounded kind of cool. I closed down Skype and decided to try again. I wanted to see the spirits. So I pulled up a chair to rest my feet on and leaned back, loaded up my pipe and tried again. As soon as the salvia hit I saw those faces again and became part of a 2 Dimensional Picture or Film Reel. But they where somehow different, and at first I was like ‘oh no not here again’. The spirits looked down over me and consciousness/awareness/perception (In a parental kind of way) and I felt a sudden erge to sit on the floor, as though I was way up high and needed to sit on the floor to prevent myself falling. I said to them ‘I’m think I’m just going to sit over here now’. I think they replied with an affirmation of sorts. So I sat down and I could clearly still see the spirits everywhere, they tend to appear to me through objects making everything look alive. I looked around and I could still see ‘sober’ reality. I was happy to still see it there, and then it was like a switch flick in my mind and I wasn’t afraid any more.

I concluded that the spirits are just simply a part of me (as well as god and the rest of the universe) that I myself have forgotten, and that I have no need to fear them. But once I’ve seen them, I remember them as a part of me, we rejoin once again and I’m no longer afraid. Additionally the spirits I saw in this experience looked predominantly like Aztec shamans. I also got the feeling as though each time I smoked Salvia and entered the spirit world; I was reborn again, becoming more and more spiritually evolved.

I sat back on my chair against my desk and looked at my PC. I had extreme Déjà vu of an event, that I hadn’t had yet, but I would the next day whilst on another Salvia Trip.

I can understand why Shamans say that spirits are everywhere and in all things I’ve seen them everywhere, I’m now a believer. When all spirits combine they form God, Gaia, source or the collective subconscious.

The Reality Conspiracy, Oh? Yes Déjà vu

(28th November 2010)

The next day, Lard came over my house and after my experiences the night before decided he would like to become initiated into the world of Salvia. So I loaded my pipe with Salvia Leaf, just so he could get used to the feeling of being in a salvia trip. Though bowl after bowl disappeared and still no trip. I tried some leaf and similarly to no avail, only occasional moments of laughter. I decided screw this lets get the 40x Extract out.

Lard went first and had a nice trip; he wasn’t disconnected from reality as I sometimes am on a Salvia trip. (Interesting point to note is that no matter the strength of the extract, I always retain an ok level of coherence). He started moving his arms all over the place saying ‘Oh wow, oh wow’, then his movements appeared mechanical in nature. He said everything was in right angles or something.

Next was my turn, I replaced the bowl, lit and took a massive hit. The first feeling I had was Déjà vu (this lasted through most of the trip), and I was back in the Cartoonish Picture Land, I was quick to proclaim ‘No way, I cannot believe this’, I was shocked that I was there again (But it felt like I was replaying past events)

I glazed at the cartoon scene before my eyes, and said ‘What the hell is this? Is this a glass?’ (I was looking at my keyboard, mouse and glass). My mate was like yeah it is, rather bemused I imagine. From that moment I felt as though Lard was in on some kind on ‘Reality Conspiracy’. As though the true (picture) reality had been hidden from me on purpose, and he was there to either guard, elude or stop me from finding the truth.

I was suspicious of him and said ‘I think I’m just going to sit over here now’, and I sat in the exact spot I sat the night prior. Continually proclaiming, ‘Nah this is taking the piss now’, I was laughing almost hoping that the gig was up and true reality beyond the physical would unfold and I would be my spiritual self once more. I was still in a stunned sort of way, I was not feeling afraid or anything just stunned and confused.

Lard asked me if I remembered him, and I said ‘Yeah your lard, we just smoked some salvia didn’t we?’ he replied that we did. I kept seeing the Aztec Spirits everywhere and he asked me if they are talking to me. I said I’m speaking to them but their not replying back to me, they’re just looking at me. I eventually started to feel more normal and sat back on my chair.

I tried to explain what had happened to me. I believed my whole existence (throughout all my senses, thoughts and soul) where part of some kind of cartoon film reel/picture book. And that my life was just me living through this book or film. Everyday felt like a different page or film reel.

All in all; the freakiest thing about this experience was the fact I realised that my actions where the exact same as the 2nd Salvia 40x Attempt I had the night before.

To Conclude

I firmly believe from my experience of Salvia Divinorum that it opens doorways to alternate realities, dimensions, and perspectives. In which state one can experience all, and commune truly with all my heart to the ancestors and spirits of all and God itself; the source of all things.


28th November 2010

by G-Man