October 28, 2015

I had tried Salvia once before this point, it was a very low dosage only of x20 extract and I only got a body high, I was at a friends house and didnt allow myself to really embrace it. This time however it was only me and a good friend at my house and we upped the dosage to x40. So as I was holding in the smoke before blowing it out, I asked it, it being Salvia itself, lady Salvia what ever you want to refer to it as, to show me. I said this in my inner voice, and blew the smoke out and laid down in my bed. Instantly I began to feel the effect consuming me. My head became very numb and I could only feel my mouth and eyes, then it really began. I began to see everything in my room pulling towards something, I looked around to see everything in my room have this sort of fishtail to it, seeing the energy lines of everything point upwards. My reality began to flatten and pull towards “them”. As this was going on I felt completely at ease, All my worries, insecurities, and ego flooded away and all I could feel was true love, and understanding. I felt as if this was my bear soul being taken away. They told me it was time to go, they didnt necessarily speak as I just sort of understood. They never showed me who they were and I dont know if it was a they really, I just know it was an energy strong enough to pull me away from my own reality. I began to see other realities around mine, Like I was looking out a window to see many universes in line being pulled towards the same power. I understood that this was the process of moving on and that this was me transitioning into something else. They never showed me what it was I was going towards though. Only allowed me to understand that this was not the end of my existence but just a change. As the transition was nearing its end, and I felt almost going into the thresh hold and about to change my reality forever, I looked at my friend who was filming it in my room (as everything in my room went with me, I understood this to be a symbol of my reality), I became aware that this was it and I immediately became scared and sad. I called out to him screaming “Dude, NO, NO DUDE, NOOO” As I was not ready to leave. Through my emotion the power that was pulling me towards understood that I was not ready to go, they began to put me back into my own reality and unflatten it, Slowly I faded back into my bed and the fishtails of energy that were once going up, showing that I was leaving were now going down, showing that I was returning. Just as I was coming to the close of my trip, the fish tails transitioned to going up again for a brief time. I immediately understood this as them telling me that they havent given up on me, and that even though I need to experience this first (this being my life) that I would one day finish the transition (implying my death). I immediately felt at ease. My friend then asked me “if i was back yet” and I faded out of my trip. The only thing remaining for a short couple of minutes was the feeling of understanding and warmth. My trip lasted less than 2 minutes but my journey felt endless. As in my trip I was leaving my reality and only this reality has time.

As I said, I asked Salvia to show me, I was not expecting it to show me this, merely anything really, but it showed me the most important thing to me, before this I was an agnostic unsure of anything and restless searching for answers. I had always felt unsure and would stay up at nights thinking about the question of why were here, and what happens when we die. Salvia respected my wish to understand and it showed it to me in the best way for me possible. I never once felt uneasy, and scared leaving, but only scared when I realized this was it for this experience. I know now that this is not the end of existence but merely an experience in our ever going cycle. The beings, being, or power that was calling me, seemed almost like I knew it from somewhere. I knew it was always looking out for my best intentions, and it showed me this in my trip by easing me back into my reality, I understood this as a message of “Okay, You’re not ready, we get it, you may return” and they returned me nice and softly.

I encourage anyone to try Salvia at least once, and to make sure you make mental note that you want something from it, I believe one hundred percent that if you do not make this clear, you will only have a random experience that doesnt apply to you, or help you in anyway. My life has been completely changed, and I felt almost pissed off at first that it had been that easy, To understand existence for only 40 bucks, and a bus trip.

by Flow