Salvia 15x experience

October 28, 2015

My heart is racing, just the simple thought of smoking this herb and knowing where it takes me it makes my heart race. I lay still with the bong in my lap, concentrating for my heart to slow down. I hear the boom loud in my head. It is mesmerizing. Drawing me ever so close into that boom. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, my conscious effort to slow my heart rate. I take a massive hit of Salvia x15 out of my bong. I look at the extract glowing bright red. It is so beautiful. I stare at the eyes of the cause of where i am going to go. I set the bong down, lay with my back on the couch. I have my beat by dres in listening to Dubstep while watching a trippy video on YouTube. In an instant i am ripped from my universe. The very soul that makes up this dimension, i take a step back and look. I come to a realization, a realization that can only be understood when in that frame and state of mind. It feels like raw knowledge, equivalent to the Elder Scrolls from the games. The image that my eyes create see this dimension, as i “wake up” i look away from that screen to see many other screens. Each its very own dimension. Its own universe, all the possible outcomes and possible consequences. That “hub” if you may call it, that houses all these dimensions is run by figures. I don’t know what to call them, but they feel like family. They felt like my parents. They got mad at me, because it was time to do something very important, and they yelled at me because i was wasting my time watching “our screen” Our screen being the universe and dimension we live in. I come down from the high, i feel it. I don’t want too. I concentrate my mind to hold on to that knowledge and images I have just encountered, because i know soon it will not make sense. It will make sense but not to the point where I knew how much it made sense. I hold on to that thought, those feelings, that knowledge. I am consumed by feeling to relax and to let be. As i become more aware of my surroundings i get mad at everything. Imagine a toy you love being given to you at a small age. Your parents let you play with it, but only for a short while then they take that toy away from you. You suddenly become mad at the world. Because you don’t want anything else but that toy. I wanted nothing else but to have that feeling. To see the world as it really was. Then as i meditate on what has just happened. I come back to reality. I am grateful for my experience.

by Duan