“The Golden Geerk Gicks Of Gork!!!”

October 28, 2015

I purchased one gram of the 5x extract. I’ve never before have used any type of psychedelic drug other than everyone’s “best friend”. I was quite apprehensive and used a very small amount. The amount covered the area of the fingernail of my forefinger. I lit it and inhaled,holding it for approximately 15 seconds. Almost immediately I felt a strange pulling and pushing sensations over my body.

Then, suddenly, I started shouting uncontrollably “The Golden Geerk Gicks Of Gork!!!” My sitter told me afterwards that I had a look of utter ecstasy on my face as I shouted this repeatedly. The visions I saw were faint and transparent,but the emotion involved with these was INCREDIBLE!! I then felt the presence of the “ambassador” of the “gorks”. I was elated that I was chosen to greet him on behalf of the United States. No sooner did I shake his hand then I was back in reality. To sum it up; Salvia was a BLAST!!!

by N. Hughes