“Flattened into a 2-dimensional person”

October 28, 2015

Last Friday I decided to purchase my first pipe and some salvia at a local headshop. I have never smoked anything in my life and for that matter, have never really been “high” before. I purchased a gram of 10x because they were all out of 5x. I returned home and decided to smoke for the first time. Here are my experiences.

Friday (3/15): Closed the blinds in my room, turned off my music, and shut the door. I loaded up my new pipe with a little pinch of salvia 10x. Put the piece to my mouth, lit it with one of those long-necked lighters (not a torch), and inhaled. I could feel the heat in my throat,and the smoke tasted pretty bad, but I didn’t cough. Too bad I forgot to put my finger on the carb…doh! I’m a noob.

Got a case of the giggles for about 5 seconds, then decided to take another hit. Did it properly this time, and held for about 20 seconds before exhaling. This time I felt something. I stood up to go get a glass of water, and immediately felt slightly disoriented. As I walked towards the kitchen, the hall seemed longer than it usually was. It reminded my of a castle for some reason, and in my mind had the picture that my house was a small castle. I also had a constant feeling of a tugging towards my right side.

I looked down while I was walking, and sure enough I kept drifting towards the right. I finally got to the kitchen, but wondered how long I had been there. It felt like my mind was in the kitchen but my body was back in my room, like there were 2 of me in my house. Finally, things started to wear off and I felt quite relaxed.

I decided to smoke again today. (3/18 )

10:00 AM: Decided to give another go. Loaded up, hit it properly about 3 times (small hits), and sat down on the couch in the living room. About halfway to the couch I felt the “pulling” sensation again, but it was not as strong as my previous experience. Sat on the couch and stared at the window, I could have sworn it looked like a smiley face. That was about it for that session.

1:00 PM: Unsatisfied with the earlier results, I decided to up it a little more. Took about 3 pinches of salvia, loaded it up, and went into the bathroom to smoke. Lit it up and took a large hit that pretty much cleared it. I held it in for about 30 seconds, at which time my vision started to vibrate. I set the pipe down and started to make my way back to my room, which was a mere 8 feet away.

Then it hit me. I felt a sudden pulling downward from my feet and a force pushing down on my back, making me bend over forward. At the same time, I started hearing a humming/ringing noise in my ears that started to grow louder. I made it back to my room and lay down on my bed. As I did so, I thought I saw a transparent outline of the chain of Hawaiian islands. It had a similar appearance to the “floaters” you get in your vision randomly.

Then I closed my eyes. I started hearing some unfamiliar pattern of indistinguishable words, repeated over and over. It wasn’t scary or frightening…it just seemed to be there. As I kept my eyes closed, I had the sensation that my bed was disappearing, and I was floating up into a blackish void. While in the blackish void, I felt myself grow a beard (I do not have a beard), which then promptly burst into flames. I felt heat on my face. At this point I wasn’t really aware that my eyes were closed.

Then without warning, I felt pressure on both sides of me. It felt like I was in the trash compactor in “Star Wars”, and that I was going to be flattened into a 2-dimensional person. I started sweating, a little nervous as I felt my stomach and ribcage start to flatten. Then, it all started to fade, and I came to in my bed. It felt like a good 6 minutes went by, but when I looked at my clock it had only been about 1-2 minutes. I sat up and still felt the effects of “salvia gravity”, but to a much lesser extent. I got up to get a drink of water, and noticed that the colour of the walls of my room, which are normally blue, were a lot more vivid. I thought that was cool. So I got my drink of water, then went back to my room and relaxed until it was over. Even though I was a little nervous, I do not consider it a bad trip, and it was rather enjoyable.

by Noncents