My brain was working overtime.

October 28, 2015

My first experience was with Salvia Divinorum leaves, I chewed them. After that I tried smoking the 5X extract. It has to be said I had no effect whatsoever the first 2 times when I smoked the 5X extract.

When chewing the leaves for over 45 minutes I experienced a mild high and whenever a reflection of the sun struck my eyes I noticed a thick ray of light that stayed there for a while. Colours were more intense and it seemed like there was fog all around me in my living room. The fog I am talking about cannot have been smoke since I wasn’t smoking during this session. I felt very relaxed and moved slowly.

The third time smoking the 5X extract it worked and I had a huge laugh kick. For a moment I had the idea I had the answer to every question I ever asked myself. As soon as I realized how bizarre this was I started laughing even louder. This confused me a bit. I never left this reality, it felt like I was weighing a ton and could not move a muscle!

This last experience was very interesting because it made me realize I might have all the answers to my own questions. Maybe they are already somewhere in my head and I only have to find a way to access this part of my consciousness? This definitely needs more research.

The 10X experience was very intense for me. I did it twice, once accompanied by a very good friend a psychonaut, the 2nd time all by myself. I recommend you always have a sitter!

When I started the trip with my friend we decided he would go first. He had a very long laugh kick and was trying to talk to me. My friend tried to stand up but never made it there. He came back to me after 15 minutes and explained he was a bit scared in the beginning when the effect hit him but he very soon realized he had to go with the trip and not fight it in any way. Overall he enjoyed it and wants to try it again in a little while.

My trip was very crazy and amazed me completely. As soon as the effect hit me I stood up and started walking around. My friend told me I went right passed all object in the room, not touching them, even though I was moving very slow and uncoordinated.

It even went this far that I walked outside still trying to talk to my friend. When I arrived outside I noticed mountains behind the houses across the street even though we clearly don’t have mountains in my street. I spoke to my friend and told him I had to show him ‘something’. He asked me multiple times what this something was. I just told him he had to see it himself to understand it. I arrived at the place that I wanted to show my friend (15 meters from my house on a small grass field) and just stood there. He asked me again, what do you want me to see? Then I came back to reality and completely forgot what I was looking for.

The 2nd session of 10X was different from any of my other Salvia experiences. I was all by myself. Remember to have a sitter, I won’t be doing this again!

I took a long & large hit of a bong with a well loaded bowl of Salvia extract. I kept the smoke in my lungs as long as I could but after 30 seconds I already felt reality was slipping away…

I was on my bed looking at the ceiling, everything became foggy again.

Large clouds in my room and I felt the presence of another entity. I tried to contact ‘it’. I succeeded but could not see, smell or touch her. Yes, Her. It was a woman, not a girl, a woman. I remember her asking if I was willing to come with her, not asking with words but asking by working my emotions.

I noticed I was trying to keep my eyes shut but then relaxed and opened them. I was lying in a huge, and I mean HUGE grass field and all around me there were rabbits. Thousands, maybe millions of rabbits as far as I could see. I panicked and told her I did not want a ‘white rabbit’. I do not know why I specifically said ‘White Rabbit’. Maybe because Jefferson Airplane is one of my favourite songs haha. The Rabbits I saw where all grey expect for one in the centre, this one was white.

It felt like I was sucked into another reality and as soon as I wanted to leave it I was into chaos again. I found myself in a dimension of colliding realities and my brain was working overtime. Right at the point where I forgot about ‘my own identity’, I wanted to go back to reality as I knew it before the trip.

This happened after a few minutes that felt like a day, I was happily in shock and had some tea to calm down the nerves. I slept really well afterwards and the next day I felt kind of mentally reborn.

by S.D.