Salvia to be banned in North Carolina

June 16, 2009

A bill that would outlaw the psychoactive herb Salvia divinorum has passed the state Senate, prompting consumers to rush to buy it legally.

Senate Bill 138, sponsored by Sen. Bill Purcell, D-Laurinburg, would prohibit the “manufacture, sale, delivery, or possession” of Salvia divinorum. The law calls for a fine for the first two offenses and misdemeanor charges for subsequent offenses. Purcell stressed that North Carolina’s law would not be as strict as those of 13 states, which made Salvia divinorum a drug on par with heroin.

“We’re not out to terrorize people and put people in jail,” Senator Purcell said, “but we do want to make a statement that the state does care about this.”


Sage advice?: NC to join 13 states in outlawing Salvia divinorum

(includes an interesting image of Salvia’s affinity for brain receptors)

State bill calls for outlaw of psychoactive Salvia