Salvia illegal in Canada, but still being sold

November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010: Salvia illegal in Canada, but still being sold

Last month, Canada banned the sales of Salvia divinorum. However, Health Canada is not enforcing the law, and salvia is still widely available online and in head shops across the country.

The federal government says products containing salvia divinorum and its active ingredient, salvinorin A, are considered natural health products and, as such, must be authorized by Health Canada before they can be sold.

“It is illegal to sell NHPs (natural health products) in Canada unless they have been reviewed by Health Canada and authorized for sale,” Christelle Legault, a spokesperson for Health Canada, told The Canadian Press in an email.
“To date, Health Canada has not licensed for sale any drug or NHP which contains salvia as an ingredient.”

One shopkeeper, who asked not to be identified, said he’s had no notification that the plant, also known as diviner’s sage and magic mint, can no longer be legally sold in Canada. Also the police seem unaware of the new regulation.

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