Miley Cyrus’ bong video puts Salvia back in news

December 14, 2010

The recently leaked video footage of teenage pop singer Miley Cyrus hitting the bong, which allegedly contained Salvia, has led to Salvia divinorum being all over the news again. Other than a – short lasting – peak in sales for Salvia vendors, we doubt this exposure will result in in any benefits for Sally D. In fact, this whole media frenzy could very well mean the last push to a nationwide ban on Salvia divinorum.

Because after all, Salvia is a dangerous drug that causes intense and extremely scary hallucinations. If we should believe Fox News, that is. In short, the same old bullshit is being fed to readers, so let’s just try to keep it away from our children by banning it.

However, not all news surrounding Salvia is filled with lies and propaganda. Several news sites report about Johns Hopkins researchers saying the first scientific study on humans seem to show the brief mind alteration is not harmful — and salvia may eventually lead to new medicines. Check out this Baltimore Sun story or this post on (Summary: Salvia divinorum is legal and SAFE.)