Rumours and speculations surrounding Salvia

January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011:Rumours and speculations surrounding Salvia divinorum

The Miley Cyrus bong ‘incident’, K2 and Jared Loughner. All have been associated with salvia divinorum in the media. However, these stories are all based on speculation. Did Miley actually smoke pot, but claimed it was salvia because of its legal status? K2: this smoking blend has NOTHING to do with salvia whatsoever, yet many lawmakers believe they both mimic cannabis and should therefore be banned. And then there’s the rumour that the Arizona shooter frequently used Salvia. Another sensationalist news story with no proof. Schizophrenia can be triggered by many things, including alcohol.

Now some things that were actually researched by scientists: salvia is not the dangerous drug that some claim it is. It is not addictive and overdosing is nearly impossible. Yes, it is a psychoactive substance, but banning it is not going to stop people from using it. As proposed in this article: A much more sensible drug policy would be to impose age limits and other regulations on the sale of salvia, rather than completely banning it.