Canada to ban salvia?

February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011: Canada to ban salvia?

Currently listed as a ‘natural health product’, legislators in Canada are taking steps to ban salvia aka the ‘Miley Cyrus party drug’ (yes, this is the actual headline of an article)

In an interview, Rebecca Ambrose, who sells Salvia in her Vancouver based store, is pretty spot on describing how ridiculous it would be to schedule salvia:

“This solution would cause far more harm and cost millions of dollars to enforce. Scheduling Salvia will only stop me, a responsible, tax-paying retailer, from carrying Saliva. It will stop me from responsibly selling it to adults, who will be informed how to use it in a safe environment.,” Ambrose wrote in a letter to the Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate. “Salvia has no toxicity, and it is completely safe as long as the user if prepared for its effects. It has been widely available in Canada since the early ’80s and has been attributed to ZERO fatalities. Like Alcohol or skydiving or many other potentially dangerous things, Salvia can be a pleasant and interesting experience as long as it is done responsibly.”

If you’re in Canada, this might be the time to stock up (or to start growing your own salvia plant!)