Thriller based on Salvia announced

June 14, 2012

June 6, 2012 Thriller based on Salvia announced

Film production company Imedi Films has announced their latest production, titled ‘The Salvia Experiment’. It is currently in pre-production. From the press-release:

The Salvia Experiment focuses on a remote lab, where six young psychology students will explore the effects of the most psychoactive plant ever discovered: Salvia Divinorum. After prolonged exposure to “The Experiment”, they begin to slide into a fractured state of consciousness where they can no longer differentiate reality from fantasy.

The tagline reads ‘Based on real salvia trip stories’, but the storyline sounds just too sensationalist – but then again, isn’t that what movies are for?

‘The Salvia Experiment’ will be screened at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California in October 2012.