Conference on psychedelics held in USA

October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012First university sponsored conference on psychedelics held in United States

Psychedemia, the first psychedelics conference to be sponsored by a university in the United States, convened at the University of Pennsylvania during the weekend of 30 September. The subtitle for Psychedemia was “Integrating the psychedelic experience in academia.”

The conference brought together academic researchers, authors, teachers, students, psychonauts and visionary artists; all seeking to expand their awareness of the evolutionary potential present in the psychedelic experience. Reality Sandwich published a report on the event.

Also mentioned in the write-up is Salvia divinorum:

“Peter Addy and others did a poster presentation titled “Scientific Exploration of Subjective Experience: Salvia Divinorum.” Some of the research in the poster sessions seemed to have an overall theme of trying to gain some sense of objectivity to the subjective, personal experience of psychedelic travelers.”

Read Peter’s dissertation (from 2010) here.