Researcher on psilocybin and salvinorin A research

December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012Matthew Johnson PhD on psilocybin and salvinorin A research

In a talk by Matthew Johnson, PhD at the John Hopkins University (USA) that was filmed during the ICPR 2012 he describes several lines of research with psilocybin conducted by the JHU laboratory. What’s more, Johnson also gives an overview of the salvinorin A (the active compound in Salvia divinorum) study that was completed last year. The possible effects for treatment of Alzheimer’s are mentioned, as well as the differences between sacramental use (chewing of leaves) and the modern methods of administration, that generally involve extracts and tinctures.

The section on salvinorin A starts at around 40:00.

Matthew Johnson PhD – A Systematic Research Program Examining Psilocybin from Stichting OPEN on Vimeo.