Man claims salvia cured his 5 year depression

July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014Man claims salvia cured his 5 year depression

These days, it’s rare to find stories on salvia in the news. For better or worse, the plant remains a relatively unknown drug except in certain underground circles. This unfortunately means that not many people are even aware of possible therapeutic applications. That’s why we wanted to share this person’s short-lived but incredibly positive experience with salvia, posted on the forum.

The anonymous man from Iowa talks about his lengthy period of depression: “I won’t go into detail but it was a very bad time in my life with suicidal thoughts and just no will to live.”

What’s intriguing about this experience is that this person does not sound like a heavy user. Indeed, by his own account barely a user at all. He didn’t flock to salvia out of desperation. He expected nothing save perhaps a little bit of fun. Yet somehow, it cured him of his crippling depression.

“I smoked it about 3 more times over the course of a month. After the last time, I had absolutely zero desire to use it again. My depression stopped after using Salvia. It’s been probably 4 years ago that I smoked it, but I haven’t had any depression since.”

In an analogy fitting for the community his post appeared in, he refers to salvia Divinorum as a ‘reset button’, similar to the one a computer has.

For those wondering, this experience was based on smoking a 10X salvia extract. In the words of the user it made him feel like a child again. Happy, and completely stress free. He ends by saying: “I believe there should be more research done with this, as I am certain it cured me of depression”.

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