City forces pawnshop to remove salvia from its she

July 10, 2010

June 30: City forces pawnshop to remove salvia from its shelf

We came across this remarkable news story from the Canadian town of Trail, where a local pawnshop was summoned by the city to cease the sales of salvia divinorum, because of ‘concerns’.

“Informed by Trail RCMP, Trail city council decided it was in the best interest of residents to proceed on a cautionary basis, asking LeMoel to take the drug off the shelf.

“The city is concerned that salvia may be a hallucinogenic substance potentially harmful to the public, and as such, it is felt that the sale of the product should be restricted,” explained Trail administrator Michelle Ferraro. “(Casey) LeMoel was asked to cease the sale of the product from his new and used shop. Failing compliance, the matter would have been advanced to council to consider the suspension or cancellation of his business license.”

In other words, if the owner of the pawnshop would not comply, the city would take his business license – for selling a product that is 100% legal? How does that make sense? Are they after the local supermarket too, for selling glue? And what about liquor stores?