Documentary on Salvia divinorum in crowdfunding

August 11, 2015

Understanding nature’s most mysterious psychoactive plant.

A young team of anthropologists and film makers led by Roberto López Mélinchon are working on a new ethnographic documentary, simply titled ‘Divinorum’.

Their aim is to uncover the mysterious world of Salvia divinorum, to show that the plant is much more than the image generated by its contemporary misuse around the rest of the world. To tell the story of this wonderful plant before it is unjustly criminalized by the Mexican government.

Divinorum: The Documentary from Roberto López Mélinchon on Vimeo.

The documentary team: “We firmly believe that Salvia divinorum and the indigenous practices surrounding it represent valid medicinal alternatives which can greatly enrich the practice of modern medicine. We are not alone in this conviction and are deeply moved by the people committed to exploring the potential of this plant.”


Divinorum is a fully independent documentary project in the early stages of production. We therefore need your support to get this project off the ground. Help us fund the filming of this documentary so we can raise awareness of this wonderful plant.

Visit the Indiegogo crowdfunding page to learn more (crowdfunding runs until the end of September 2015)